Retro Gaming Focus: Kirby’s Avalanche (Super Nintendo)

Kirby’s Avalanche for the Super Nintendo System

Kirby’s Avalanche North American Box Art

Release Date: February 1, 1995 (Europe), April 25, 1995 (North America)

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Re-released on: Wii Virtual Console in 2007

Fun fact: Kirby’s Avalanche is the only Kirby game not released in Japan.

Kirby’s Avalanche, also known as Kirby’s Ghost Trap in Europe, is a Western port of the Japanese game, Super Puyo Puyo.

Kirby’s Avalanche Advertisement
Kirby’s Avalanche Start-Up Screen

Plot: Kirby and his friends from Dream Land are challenged to an Avalanche Competition by King Dedede. Kirby must battle others in order to reach the Fountain of Dreams and best his old nemesis, King Dedede, to win the Avalanche Competition.

Article from Nintendo Power, February 1995

Reviews for the game were generally positive. It received 4/5 stars from Next Generation magazine, 7.5/10 from IGN, and 3/5 from Computer and Video Games magazine.

Review from Computer and Video Games, September 1996.

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