Retro Gaming Focus: Mazer for the 3DO

Mazer (3DO) Box Art

Developed and Published by American Laser Games.

Released: July 31, 1995

Mazer originally came out in the arcades in 1995. The only console port of the game came to the 3DO the same year. A poorly-received isometric shooter, Mazer failed to live up to the hype by ALS, “action of a fighting game, the strategy of a maze game, the excitement of a race against time, space, and deadly opponents!”

Mazer Arcade Advertisement

Review scores for Mazer were low to exceptionally low.

Mazer received only 1 star from Next Generation magazine, citing its frustrating gaming experience, ridiculously small level size and difficulty as major flaws. 3DO Magazine scored it a 1 star, as well. “The problem with Mazer is, simply, gameplay.” They concluded their article with a damning line, “‘I hope you totally trash it,’ being one of the more printable lines [from viewers watching Mazer].”

Mazer (3DO) Review from Next Generation, December 1995
Mazer (3DO) Review from 3DO Magazine Gold 1995/1996, Issue 1
Mazer (3DO) Review from Joystick 64, October 1995

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