Playing Diablo (Game Boy) on the New BittBoy Retro Handheld

Diablo (Game Boy Prototype) Start Screen

Yes, Diablo, the Lord of Terror nearly graced the Nintendo Game Boy system. For those unfamiliar with the game, Diablo originally came out in 1997 for the PC and sold millions of unit. Blizzard’s hit game went on to build its own franchise, with sequels still coming out today. However, back in the late 90’s, Blizzard went exploring ways to bring their action RPG to the handheld world.

The game reportedly was set to be a single-player-only prequel to the original Diablo game. Ultimately, Blizzard was unsure of which of Nintendo’s handheld devices to bring the game to and soured on the project as production costs were steep.

Video gameplay of Diablo can be found on my YouTube channel:

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